Health security measures

  • Recommendations and general instructions
  • Specific protocol
  • Seating and conditions of sale

Recommendations and general instructions

The Festival's general recommendations and instructions for the prevention of Sars-Cov-2 disease
(COVID-19) transmission

The Sitges – International Film Festival of Catalonia Foundation has implemented a series of measures and recommendations to prevent the spread of the Sars-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) for the duration of the Festival.

These measures and recommendations affect all of the Festival’s activities as well as all of the people who participate in them, including guests/accredited professionals, in-house and external workers and the general public. They are as follows:


Face mask

It is compulsory to wear a face mask at all times. Please make sure you bring spare masks to attend the Festival. We recommend the use of FFP or KN95 masks. The use of masks with breathing valves will be considered equivalent to not wearing a mask, so their use is strictly prohibited.

Non-compliance with proper breathing etiquette may result in your removal from the Festival’s premises.


Eat and drink

Please remember that it is strictly forbidden to eat and drink in all movie theaters.


Capacity and locations

All theaters will be used at no more than 70% of their total seating capacity (this percentage could change as indicated by the competent authorities). The normal safety distance has been modified due to the permanent use of the mask during the entire screening; the pre-allocation of seats and their sectoring.

In all theaters, the seats will be numbered and places will be pre-assigned. It is essential to occupy your assigned seat for the entire screening and to avoid moving around as much as possible. No seat changes are allowed.


Entering and exiting

Entering and exiting must always be performed while maintaining safety distances at all times. Likewise, we would appreciate it if you would observe our theater staff’s instructions for entering and evacuating each venue properly.



All theaters will be thoroughly ventilated and sanitized according to the health authorities’ recommendations. The ratios, machinery, substances and time of use or intervention are specified in the general protocol, where they can be consulted.


All theaters will be equipped with instruments for measuring carbon dioxide levels, in order to continuously ensure that the air quality complies with the health authorities’ indications and recommendations, and to prevent any possible viral loads in the room.


There are numerous hand sanitizing stations readily available.


Hygiene and safety

Review the hygiene and safety measures that will be followed during the course of the Festival.


You must follow the Festival staff’s instructions at all times. Any kind of endangering behavior may lead to the organization deciding to remove you from a venue, or even having to turn you over to the local police if you pose a serious threat to other people’s health.


Remember that you must refrain from attending the Festival if you have tested positive for COVID-19, or suspect that you may test positive. Attending the Festival while aware of being infected could be considered a crime against public health.

If you feel ill at any time during your stay at the Festival

In the event of showing clear symptoms that are consistent with the COVID-19 virus, you must follow the measures established in the current regulations:

  • Isolate yourself at home or at your place of residence (hotel room).
  • Get in touch with health services or authorities.


If you decide to report this current or potential infection to us, or if it is detected by our staff, we will be obliged to isolate you. This procedure will be performed discreetly and in a comfortable and safe place for you and your privacy, preferably at your home (Sitges or area of influence), the room where you are accommodated or the one we would provide, if necessary.


We will then proceed to inform the corresponding health services of the situation, always in a way that will respect both your anonymity and your privacy, so that they can give us the instructions to be applied from that moment on.


We cannot hold you against your will, unless instructed to do so by the authorities or if it is confirmed that you are infected with COVID-19. Therefore, in the event of a potential infection, if you do not wish to undergo this procedure, you may leave the Festival’s premises after signing the declaration that will be given to you, if applicable, and without prejudice to any actions and measures that the Festival’s organization may be obliged to undertake in compliance with the current legislation.

Specific protocol

Seating and conditions of sale

The guaranteed maximum seating capacity in all theaters at the 54rd Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia is 70% (this percentage could change as indicated by the competent authorities). Likewise, well-defined and sectorized areas have been created between the general public and accredited professionals.

Terms of sale

  • We recommend purchasing tickets in advance and online.
  • Ticket offices will be open with reduced opening hours (10 am to 3 pm and 5 pm to 10 pm) and contactless payment systems will be prioritized.
  • All tickets will be numbered, so all seats will be pre-allocated.
  • Eating or drinking is not allowed in theaters.
  • It is compulsory to use a mask at all times in all Festival venues and failure to comply with this breathing etiquette may result in removal from the venue.

Ticket purchase implies the acceptance of the following general terms and conditions:

VERY IMPORTANT: in addition to these general terms and conditions, the specific guidelines for the application of protocols for the prevention of COVID-19 transmission, for both entering and remaining on in the Festival’s venues, will be applied.


In the event of a refund request, the SITGES INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF CATALONIA PRIVATE FOUNDATION takes full responsibility. Once a ticket has been purchased, no changes or refunds are allowed.


In the event that an event is cancelled, the price paid will be refunded according to the terms indicated by the organization within a maximum of 15 days.


The organization does not guarantee the authenticity of a ticket if it has not been purchased via the official ticketing sites.


Once a ticket has been purchased, the amount paid cannot be changed or refunded.


Tickets will not be refunded in the event of loss, damage, theft or destruction.


The right to purchase tickets at a discount or special rate must be proven by means of valid ID upon entering the theater. In the event that the corresponding documentation is not provided, these tickets will not be valid.


Upon accessing a venue, the public may be subject to being searched in accordance with the law. It is forbidden to enter with any objects that may be considered dangerous by the organization. Right of admission is reserved.


Admission is subject to having a full ticket in perfect condition. The ticket holder will lose his or her rights upon leaving the venue. The organization is entitled to refuse access to the venue once a screening has begun.


The organization reserves the right to change or modify an event’s schedule. In case of cancellation, the organization will refund the amount of this ticket.


Any complaints about the execution, modification or cancellation of an event must be submitted to the organization along with the ticket.


It is the customer’s obligation to read the characteristics and peculiarities of each event.


The ticket price INCLUDES the current VAT rate.

Specific conditions relating to the prevention of COVID-19 transmission


The conditions to access and remain at a venue are subject to the current health regulations to prevent COVID-19 transmission, and may undergo modifications as a result of the approval of any new regulations, which may affect the conditions in place at the time of ticket purchase.


The organization will provide comprehensive information on access, circulation, exiting and rules of behavior during an event on its website, social networks and electronic media provided by the buyer. It is recommended that everyone who will be attending the event should be aware of all these communications. In any event, there will be informative elements at all venues, with identical information regarding the compulsory obligations of those attending while they are on the premises. For your added safety, and that of the rest of the people attending an event, the ticket buyer expressly agrees to receive notifications from the organization via the electronic media provided by this person, who will receive the same data protection as that provided for the data used during the ticket purchase process. (See privacy policies here)


It is the obligation of every ticket holder to follow the general rules for all citizens to prevent virus transmission: any contagious person is required to not attend the event. Failure to comply with this duty may result in criminal liability for jeopardizing public health.


In the event of purchasing tickets for a group of people, the buyer is obliged to communicate the requirements related to the prevention of COVID-19 transmission that are outlined in this section to ALL of the people he/she is purchasing the ticket for. All attendees are subject to these rules.


The organization reserves the right to prevent any person suffering from COVID-19 or with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 from entering or remaining on the premises and is required to activate the corresponding protocols to alert health authorities so that they can determine the actions to be taken. In this regard, any person attending who finds him/herself in these conditions must comply with the organization’s instructions until the competent public authorities make the applicable decisions.


It is compulsory to follow the rules of behavior and those established by the organization to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. These rules are applicable from the moment the person accesses the access control points and until he/she leaves the premises. A serious breach of these rules may lead to the removal of the offender from the premises, with the loss of any right to a refund of the amount paid, and without prejudice to the fact that their behavior may be reported to the competent authorities on the grounds that it constitutes an administrative offence or a crime.

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