Legal documentation

Regulations relating to the health crisis situation
because of COVID-19

Legal documents

  • 01/

    297/5000 RESOLUTION SLT / 2266/2020, of September 21, which modifies section 8 of Resolution SLT / 2228/2020, of September 15, by which special measures in public health are extended and modified for the containment of the epidemic outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic

  • 02/

    Reincorporation Plans for the Cultural Sector, Cinemas

  • 03/

    Restaurants Sector Action Plan

  • 04/

    Protocol and Guide of Good Practices aimed at Non-Sedentary Sales Market Activity

  • 05/

    Hygienic-Sanitary Recommendations Guide for Hairdressing Salons in the face of the COVID-19 crisis

  • 06/


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